Technology & Connectivity


EON Reality Inc., the world leader in Virtual Reality based knowledge transfer for industry, education, and edutainment, has partnered with the City of Duncanville to establish an Entrepreneur School to serve the Virtual Reality needs of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and Texas. This Entrepreneur School consists of an Augmented and Virtual Reality classroom for students and a development lab with the latest in Virtual and Augmented Reality technologies.

The Duncanville Entrepreneur School is an investment by the City of Duncanville in the economy of the future which will develop skilled Virtual Reality content creators, programmers, and artists. Students, that meet the admission criteria and are selected to participate, attend completely tuition free. Graduates will empower North Texas to remember better, learn faster, and decide quicker.


Texas’ rapid economic growth and the location of fifty-two Fortune 500 companies has created significant Augmented and Virtual Reality opportunities in the region. With a focus on Education, Energy, Transportation, Medical, and Sports, the Duncanville Entrepreneur School will meet the increasing demands from the North Texas economy as this growth continues.