Mayor’s State of the City Address and Awards of Excellence

On Thursday, January 17, 2019, the City of Duncanville and the Duncanville Chamber of Commerce hosted the State of the City Address. The Mayor and the Superintendent of Duncanville ISD presented speeches that summarized the City’s state over the past year.  The Mayor also presented the Mayor’s State of the City Address and Awards of Excellence.  This year’s recipients of the Mayor’s Awards of Excellence are GK Steel Fabrication, LLC., and La Mexicana Tortilla Factory.

GK Steel Fabrication, LLC: GK Steel is a local company headquartered in Duncanville, TX. Their Fabrication facility consists of 22,000 sq. ft. The company was formed December 19, 2013.

GK Steel started out as a decorative ironwork supplier of ornate steel gazebos and other accent pieces for a beautiful back yard. Since those humble beginnings, GK Steel has transformed into a highly efficient and cost-effective supplier of light structural, miscellaneous, and ornamental steel in the commercial construction industry. Their team has years of combined experience in the commercial construction industry not only with decorative and specialty metals, but they are equally experienced on the structural side. We are glad to have GK Steel in Duncanville.

La Mexicana Tortilla Factory: La Mexicana Tortilla Factory is family owned and operated since April 15, 1997 by their founder’s, the Garza family. Their business is based in Duncanville, TX with over 150 Employees servicing the Food Service Industry.

La Mexicana Tortilla Factory manufactures Corn and Flour Tortillas, Wraps, Tostadas, Tortilla Chips, Totopos, and other related products (over 300+ items). Their wide variety of tortillas and chips are made from authentic Mexican recipes creating the highest quality in the Hispanic food menu. We are proud to have this family owned business call Duncanville home.